Did you know the Swan River is home to a permanent population of 20-25 adult Bottlenose dolphins? Many of them have even been given names by the Swan River scientists who study them and can be identified by unique markings on their fins.

Do you want to learn about the 1 metre long fish that ambushes its prey under the lights of the Narrows Bridge, right in the heart of the city?

What is a Big Eyed Gobble Guts, and what creature gorges itself on baby prawns in the river?

Join us for a fun and informative afternoon/evening on the river in our Pedal Powered Kayaks as we go looking for dolphins and learn about the diverse wildlife that calls the Swan River home.

Pedal Powered Kayaks and Paddle Boards

If you want to see dolphins and other wildlife on the water, then you need to be quiet - so we use Hobie pedal powered kayaks and paddle boards. These are safe and easy for anyone to use, and you don’t need to be very fit. We have taken out children as young as 5 years old, and adults in their 80’s.

Dolphin Watch

Your Tour Guide is a Swan River Guardian and trained Dolphin Watch Volunteer. Twice a week we go out and record dolphin sightings and behaviours and then log them into the Dolphin Watch App to help the scientists that study the Swan River Dolphins.

This is your chance to help contribute to this important research by joining our tour guide in our pedal powered kayaks and paddle boards as we go in search of the dolphins. They are spread throughout the river system but they prefer some places more than others so we usually go to their favourite hangouts. As we pedal along the river, your guide can tell you some of the more interesting facts about the secret life of the Swan River dolphins.

Other Wildlife

Apart from the dolphins, the river is home to a wide variety of fish, crustaceans (crabs and prawns) and bird life. Your guide has even been known to catch the occasional crab or prawn along the journey so you can get a closer look. We usually see Terns diving into the water to catch fish, Cormorants who chase their fish underwater, as well as Pelicans hunting in the shallows. If we are lucky we will even see the Eastern Osprey (Sea Eagle) whose numbers have been increasing in recent years.

We go out for a couple of hours twice a week, the location in the river varies depending on the weather conditions on the day. At the end of the paddle, you will get to sample some local WA produce from Margaret River, the Great Southern and the Swan Valley before dropping you back to your accommodation.

  • Depart Perth from your pick-up location (around 2pm)
  • Drive to the river, set up and demonstration of equipment
  • Head off in search of the Swan River dolphins
  • Return to shore, enjoy a light snack of some local produce before we drop you back to your accommodation (home between 6 & 7pm)
  • Shorts or bathers, and a towel
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Camera or phone to take pictures
  • Change of clothes if you want to get changed at the end of the tour
  • Free use of Kayaks and paddle boards
  • Life Jackets
  • A light snack at the end of the tour
From $65
  • Tour length is approx. 4 hrs
  • Departs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays around 2pm
  • Suitable for ages 5 and above